Disk Sensor and Software vs. Crank Sensor and Software

  • 720 Degrees of sensing, hundreds of pre-calculated outputs at once in specific timing intervals
  • The Disk Sensor is the hardware support for the computer software
  • All signals are constant and independent
  • Track 1 - intake valve,open coil , cylinder 1
  • Track 2 - intake valve, close coil, cylinder 1
  • Track 3 - intake valve, open coil, cylinder 2
  • Fuel injection and Ignition timing
  • Computer remains relatively the same size
  • Rapid engine testing
  • Competitive and potentially standard
  • New engine, New sensor.
  • 360 Degrees of sensing, one square wave output
  • Cannot detect 720 degrees without 2 crankshaft rotations
  • Camless engine software is time consuming
  • Engine Software manpower is expensive, specialized, and limited
  • Some new camless engine computers require water cooling to cool the processors, $
  • New camless engine computers are large compared to current computers.
  • New camless engine computers require additional expensive processors
  • Less efficient in terms of input compared to camshaft engine with a camshaft sensor mechanically fixed!