Disk Sensor Technology using a Magnetic Platter Disk

  • Hard disk technology for optimal camless engine performance

  • Large re-writable data storage

  • Extreme engine diagnostics on the fly, such as self programmed engine valve tuning

  • Self tuned fuel injection and spark ignition

  • Computer revs engine, determines acceleration rate (considering emissions), auto corrects fuel, ignition, valve lift/duration for highest power per rpm. Start to finish. Hundreds of thousands of combinations may be self tested and stored (OEM testing facilities and high performance tuning). Vehicles sold with the Disk Sensor from the factory will already have optimal performance profiles from programming of which was performed at the OEM level before sale of vehicle.
  • The Disk Sensor was designed to compensate for wear in the electromechanical valve system. A mobile read/write head (like the mobile head found in a hard drive in a home PC) goes to the track with the underperforming signal output and adjusts the signal strength to assure the valve lift is matched with the other electronic engine valves. The mobile write heads adjustment to the signal on the track prior to the fixed read head allows the adjusted signal to now be used by the engine computer. Such system would require one of the many available feedback systems to ensure that the valve is operating as desired at the proper lift etc.