• Geer Technologies licensing is worldwide.
  • GT knows that there is going to be serious competition between manufacturers once the first camless engine is produced.
  • This product can be made simply, quickly and remain extremely cost effective
  • Don't be the last to try it
  • Gain control in the market

Guarantee Your Company's Existence

Imagine the enormous impact on a company that is loosing customers because they have software issues and ultimately no camless engine at all, while the next big auto in fact has a camless engine that has all of the performance benefits of a camless engine and is taking customers in its first year with a 20% increase in horsepower, torque and fuel economy.

Increased fuel economy sells, horsepower and torque sells, and low emissions sells. Non camless engines will not compare in any of these catagories to a camless engine.

EX: Customer A buys a truck with a camless engine with towing in mind. Customer A will now be able to pull his load faster and more efficiently than ever, while customer B on the other hand buys a truck with a traditional engine and has to spend more on fuel and still gets less power. After a while there won't be to many customer B s around. Is your company going to be the last one supporting customer B, or is your company ready to serve Customer A like you always have?

Geer Technologies Disk Sensor is what the long awaited camless engine needs to be brought to the market. Don't be the last to try it!

If you decide to stick with software and a crank position sensor, you will always be a step behind. The Disk Sensors magnetic platter design is superior.